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The Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL) is considered a “Macro-University”, because it is a higher education institution in which more than 200,000 people study and work daily, occupying the third place nationally in the number of enrolled students This situation causes the UANL campuses to be important points of reference in the Monterrey Metropolitan Area (AMM).

Due to the above, the UANL established a connectivity strategy, through public transport, to allow university campuses located in the AMM to have an adequate interconnection between them, as well as with the different sectors of the city, which facilitates the transportation of students, academics and administrative staff, in addition to discouraging the use of the car. A representative example of this situation is the connection that exists between the University City, Health Sciences and Agricultural Sciences campuses, which since 2008, are connected through Line 2 of the Metrorrey Collective Transportation System, a sustainable, efficient, safe and economical means of transport.

In the case of the Campus of Agricultural Sciences and Health Sciences, because it does not have a Metro station, the university transport system known as Tigre Bus serves as a means of connection between the campuses and stations of this collective system more next, allowing the transfer of students in a safe and free way.

The Metrorrey Collective Transportation System is fully operated with energy generated through the use of alternative sources, through the company Bioenergía de Nuevo León, SA de CV (BENLESA), which supplies the energy generated through the operation of a plant located on the outskirts of the city of Monterrey, using the biogas (methane) produced in the sanitary landfill of the city, which also contributes to reducing the production of greenhouse gases, and allows the daily transfer of more than 500,000 users efficiently and at a low cost.

On the other hand, the university campuses located in the AMM, are connected to the different sectors of the city through a sufficient number of public transport bus routes, which offer preferential rates to UANL students through the use of your university credential through the Tarjeta Feria program, operated by the State Transportation Agency, through the company Smart Links.

From the UANL it has six modules of the Fair Card program, in four of its campuses: University City, Agricultural Sciences, Health Sciences and Mederos, in order to facilitate students to recharge and consult balances of the university credential.

The following links show the great coverage that exists of public transport bus routes that allow maintaining an adequate connection between the university campuses and the different sectors of the AMM, as well as with the Metrorrey collective transport system.

Urban transport routes connected to the University City campus:


Urban transport routes connected to the Agricultural Sciences campus:


Urban transport routes connected to the Health Sciences campus:


Urban transport routes connected to the Mederos campus: