In the more than twenty years that the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León has promoted the systematic incorporation of knowledge, practices, competences and approaches of education from the perspective of sustainability in all its plans and programs of study, it has been distinguished with various recognitions to local, national and international level, for their work in favor of sustainability, among which the following stand out for their importance:

Ecological Merit 2018 Award

Maximum award granted by the Government of the Republic, in environmental matters

World Ranking of GreenMetric Universities, 2017

Number 1 nationally and 89 internationally.

Certificate of Environmental Quality

Certificado de Calidad Ambiental

Awarded by Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente 2008-2018.

Ecological Merit 2018 Award

Medalla Merito Ecológico

Awarded by Republican Municipality of the City of Monterrey 2000, 2012, 2014, 2016.

National Electric Energy Saving Award

Premio Nacional de Ahorro de Energía Eléctrica

Awarded by Fideicomiso para el Ahorro de Energía (FIDE), 2009.

Merit Pro Flora and Wildlife of Nuevo Leon

Mérito Pro Flora y Fauna Silvestre de Nuevo León

Awarded by Consejo Estatal de Flora y Fauna Silvestre de Nuevo León, A.C., 2008.

State Award for Ecology of N.L., by the Secretariat of Urban Development and Public Works, 2003.