The Sustainability Secretariat, through its Project Development Department, held the Annual Meeting of the University Academy for Sustainable Development on October 11 of this year, starting at 9:00 am in the Ambassador´s room located in the UANL’s Centro de Internacionalización.

PhD. Sergio Fernandez Delgadillo, Secretary of Sustainability of UANL was the host and welcomed the meeting attendees, whom he called to promote sustainability in the university, with special emphasis on academic activities, in order to keep the leadership as a sustainable and world-class university.

M.C. Luz María Nieto Caraveo, a full-time professor of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosí, gave a master lecture on “Incorporating sustainability into university curricula” in which she showed the importance of integrating sustainability with a critical, systematic and complex vision that allows the development of competences for sustainability in university graduates.

PhD Carlos Ramírez Martínez, Projects Development Director from Sustainability Secretariat, shown the results of the study “Diagnosis on the incorporation of Sustainability in the curriculum of undergraduate studies”, to the attendees, in which he shown the number of Learning Units of each of the degrees offered by UANL that are linked to Sustainable Development topics.


The final presentation of the meeting was given by Myriam Viviana Quistiano Valdez, coordinator for sustainability program and Gloria Nelly Salas Celestino, coordinator of information technology and statistics, they presented the digital platform to share information among the members of the AUDS network, the platform is supported by Share Point. They invited the attendees to subscribe and collaborate using this tool


The AUDS annual meeting was attended by more than 60 university faculty and staff from UANL, among them the participation of PhD. Benjamín Limón Rodríguez, member of the H. Government Board, PhD. Pedro Leobardo Valdez Tamez, Director of the school of Civil Engineering, PhD.

Sostenes Méndez Delgado, Director of the School of Earth Sciences, PhD. Evangelia Ramírez Lara, Director of Environmental Management and Operational Safety, MC Félix González Estrada Director of Infrastructure for Sustainability, as well as staff assigned to central departments: Bachelor’s Degree System, Research and Development Center in Health Sciences, and the schools of Agronomy, Architecture, Visual Arts, Communication, Earth Sciences, Mathematical Physical Sciences, Political Science and International Relations, Chemical Sciences, Public Accountancy and Administration, Law and Criminology, Civil Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry, Sports Organization, Psychology and Public Health and Nutrition.