The Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (UANL) is considered to be a large-scale University, since it is a Higher Education Institution with the highest number of enrolled students in the State of Nuevo Leon and occupies the third place in the  country. This has lead UANL Campuses to be considered as benchmarks in Monterrey´s Metropolitan Area (MMA) for many people.

As a result, an strategy of connectivity has been implemented through public transportation. This strategy allows UANL Campuses located at MMA to be interconnected as well different sectors of MMA. Making transport easier, students, administrative staff, and professors will be more inclined to use public transport. A clear example in that regard is the Metro Line 3 a sustainable, efficient, reliable and economical mean of transport which connects UANL campuses, Ciudad Universitaria, Health Sciences, and Agricultural Sciences.


Health Sciences and Agricultural Sciences campus have acces to “TigreBus” service which serves as connector between the campuses and the urban whereabouts around them, maintaining an easy, safe and free mean of transportation for students.

Metrorrey Light Rail System is working with energy provided by Bioeléctrica de Monterrey, S.A. de C.V. (BENLESA) which generates its energy in a manufacturing plant on the outskirts of the city, using biogas (methane) from sanitary landfills which help to mitigate greenhouse gases and at the same time transporting more than 500,000 passengers at low costs.


Moreover, UANL Campuses located at MMA are connected with different sectors of the city through a sufficient number of public transportation routes which offer preferential rates to UANL students using its college credential operated by “Tarjeta Feria” program by “Enlaces Inteligentes”.

 Since 2012, six modules of this service have been in operation in the different UANL Campuses,  Main campus, Agricultural Sciences, Health Sciences, and Mederos in order to facilitate the students the consulting of balance and student card recharge.

The list below confirms the great coverage that public transportation  and Metrorrey Light Rail System offers and connects UANL and different sectors of the city.

Urban transportation routes connected to the Main Campus:

Urban transportation routes connected to Agricultural Sciences campus:

Urban transportation routes connected to Health Sciences campus:

Urban transportation routes connected to Mederos campus: