The Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon (UANL) is considered a “Macro-University”, because it is a higher education institution in which more than 200,000 people study and work daily, ranking third in the national number in the number of registered students This situation causes the UANL campuses to be important points of reference in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Monterrey (AMM).

Due to the above, the UANL established a connectivity strategy, through public transportation, to allow the university campuses located in the AMM to have an adequate interconnection between them, as well as with the different sectors of the city, which facilitates the transportation of students, academics and administrative staff, in addition to discouraging the use of the automobile. A representative example of this situation is the connection that exists between the University Campus, Health Sciences and Agricultural Sciences campuses, which since 2008, are connected through Line 2 of the Metrorrey Collective Transportation System, a means of sustainable transport, efficient, safe and economical.


The Health Sciences and Agricultural Sciences campus have access to the TigreBus university transportation system. Since the metro is not immediately close to the facilities, the TigreBus connects the campuses with the nearest metro station, enabling a safe and free transfer for students.

Metrorrey Public Transportation System operates entirely with bioenergy provided by Bioenergia de Nuevo Leon, S.A. de C.V. (BENLESA), which produces this resource using biogas (methane) from sanitary landfills, supporting the mitigation of greenhouse gases and transporting over five hundred thousand passengers at low cost.

Furthermore, the campuses in the metropolitan area are connected with different parts of the city through numerous public transportation routes that offer special fares to UANL students using their university ID, which is controlled through the Tarjeta Feria program by Enlaces Inteligentes and the State Transportation Agency.

To make it easier for students to check or refill their ID balance, six modules of the Tarjeta Feria service have operated in four UANL campuses since 2012: Ciudad Universitaria, Agricultural Sciences, Health Sciences, and Mederos.

The list below shows the extensive coverage of public transportation routes that allows an efficient connection between campuses, the Metrorrey Public Transportation System, and different parts of the city.

Urban transportation routes connected to the Main Campus

Urban transportation routes connected to Agricultural Sciences campus

Urban transportation routes connected to Health Sciences campus

Urban transportation routes connected to Mederos campus