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The creation of the Secretariat of Research, Innovation and Sustainability of the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, established a benchmark for the institution, the state, and the nation in matters of Sustainable Development, that enhances the talents and resources to integrate the values and tasks of sustainability in order to promote the protection of the environment, social commitment, and the democratic life among the members of the university community.

The project of Sustainable University is developed on the basis of a holistic perspective, considering the campus as a “Learning Laboratory” and as “a model of sustainable community in a world of sustainable living” and it is based on several points, all of them of great relevance: academy, research, administration and service to the community through the transfer of knowledge.

Even though building a sustainable future is the necessary task of every human being who inhabits the world, educational institutions play a crucial role due to the responsibility that society has conferred upon them to train citizens with a vision of humanism, equitable and sustainable development. Having the attention of the university community will help them to stay informed and being aware of the initiatives and actions that the institution is performing in views of a sustainable development. To achieve their involvement and collaboration, this is considered to be a very important strategic task.

The dissemination of scientific knowledge has as main objective the spread of information which contributes to a better decision-making. Scientific dissemination is conducted through, seminars, workshops, lectures, websites, social media, tv, e-mailing, among others. The web is now the primary mean of communication, allowing information to reach the most remote locations. Institutional websites have changed in terms of design and accessibility which facilitates its use with new formats and attractive for everyone.

In this context, the  Secretariat of Research, Innovation and Sustainability of the UANL, is currently working in cooperation with the Department of Programs for sustainability coordinating communication and dissemination on issues related to sustainable development, aimed at the members of the university community and the different sectors of society in constant relation with the university, through electronic means, such as social networking and web page, printed media, forums, seminars, and conferences.

The communication strategy designed by the SIIS to promote the principles and values in matters of sustainability, inside and outside the university considers carrying out the next activities:

  • Posting content on Facebook: UANL sustentable, that has more than 5,000 followers from more than 30 countries reaching 750,000 walls annually.
  • Website management SIIS (http://sds.uanl.mx), average number of visits: 350,000 from more than 65 countries.
  • Conducting live events in matters of sustainability such as courses, seminaries, conferences, and forums holding 3,500 persons per year.
  • Producing of videos about events where the Secretariat of Research, Innovation, and Sustainability has participation.
  • Interviews for Sustainable Development TV, where we present experienced professionals and share their knowledge.
  • Producing TV program “Mundo sustentable” in cooperation with the Office of Extensions and Culture, broadcasting weekly through TV-UNI channel.
  • Photo Contest “En la mira de la sustentabilidad”, we invite all university community to participate.

Furthermore, through its dissemination program the SIIS elaborates awareness campaigns promoting sustainability, this virtual instrument of communication encourage several actions in favor of sustainability, such as: sustainable use of water, promotion of cultural diversity, respect for human rights, protection of natural environment, efficient use of energy in home and office, health, and healthy eating, among others. It also fulfills the task of keeping university community and society informed about the institution progress achieved in matters of efficient use of water and energy, management of solid and hazardous wastes, climate change mitigation activities, and general activities of AUDS. Daily activities of the academic, administrative and student’s community are informed through this instrument, in order to incorporate the values, and activities in matters of sustainability. In this way, the UANL is recognized as an institution of Higher Education environmentally and socially responsible.

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