Secretariat of Sustainability

The establishment of the UANL Vice Presidency of Sustainability represented an institutional, state, and national touchstone of sustainable development that promotes environmental protection, social commitment, as well as the democratic life between the members of the university community and society at large.

The Sustainable UANL project is being developed with a holistic approach, considering the campus as a “learning laboratory,” this is, “a sustainable community model in a world of sustainable living.” It is based on several significantly relevant principles: academics, research, administration, and service to the community through knowledge transfer.

Although building a sustainable future is every person’s obligation, educational institutions also play a critical role due to the responsibility that society has attributed to them at educating citizens through humanism, equity, and sustainability. Therefore, it is a paramount strategy to draw society’s into involvement and collaboration by keeping them informed and aware of the initiatives and actions our institution performs toward sustainability.

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Scientific diffusion

Scientific dissemination enables the open access to knowledge. Its main objective is to spread new information that contributes to better decision-making and personal behavior. The dissemination is conducted through different methods: courses, workshops, conferences, publications, websites, social media, TV programs, and email, among others. The worldwide web is now the primary means of communication as it allows information to reach more people and places. Institutional websites are designed around data accessibility and usability, together with attractive, clean page layouts.

In this respect, the Vice Presidency of Sustainability, through the Department of Project Development, currently manages the communication and dissemination programs of sustainable development, which are offered to our community and the different sectors of society related to UANL, through electronic means—social media and websites—, printed media, video production, forums, contests, seminars, and conferences.

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Communication Strategy

The Vice Presidency of Sustainability’s communication strategy to promote sustainable principles, values, and actions inside and outside the university considers the activities below:

  • The design and setup of a website and a Facebook page for better communication and connection among the university community, leading them to sustainable actions.

At present, there is no means of communication that, due to its dynamism and immeasurable growth, can be compared to the Internet. Unlike other traditional means of information, a website and social networks allow communication to be maintained in both directions and can replace and make more efficient some current information channels. In such a way that this digital communication instrument can quickly become the main meeting place for social actors linked to sustainability.

The design and operation of the website and social networks was in charge of specialists in the management of digital communication systems and sustainable development, which has allowed a good design and accessibility, in addition to fast, friendly and safe navigation to facilitate its consultation by the target users.

Currently the Facebook wall: Sustainable UANL, which has 10,828 followers from more than 49 countries and generates more than 1,653,364 annual scopes.

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Likewise, the Vice Presidency of Sustainability’s website ( has a total of 530,000 annual visits from more than sixty-five different countries.

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Altogether, the UANL-Sustentable website and the Facebook wall generate more than 1,653,364 scopes per year, which makes it possible to disseminate the information that contributes to informing the members of the university community about the progress made in the process of transition towards sustainability, in order to capture their attention and achieve their involvement and collaboration in this process.

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  • Every year, more than one thousand events on sustainability are held, such as courses, seminars, conferences, and forums. This encourages our community and society to engage in the movement.
  • Video production about relevant events where the Vice Presidency of Sustainability has participated.
  • Interviews for Desarrollo Sustentable TV where renowned sustainability experts share their knowledge and experiences.
  • Weekly production of the Mundo Sustentable TV program, for TV-UNI, in collaboration with the Vice Presidency of Extension and Culture.
  • “Looking at Sustainability” Photography contest for UANL students.


Furthermore, through its communication and dissemination program, the Vice Presidency of Sustainability plans and carries out the Sustainability Campaigns, a virtual communication instrument that encourages several actions for sustainability, such as sustainable water use, promotion of cultural diversity, respect for human rights, environmental protection, efficient energy use at homes and offices, health, and healthy eating, among others. It also keeps the university community and society informed of the institutional progress on the efficient use of water and energy, management of urban solid and hazardous waste, climate change mitigation activities, other activities by the AUDS, as well as the daily activities by academic-administrative staff and students at incorporating the principles, values, and practice of sustainability, so that UANL is acknowledged as an environmentally and socially responsible higher education institution.