As part of its commitment to safety and the environment, UANL carries out a permanent program to verify the performance and fulfillment of safety regulations at the university facilities that use natural or liquefied petroleum gas, according to the provisions of the NOM-002-SECRE-2010 and NOM-004-SEG-2004 standards on natural gas and LP gas, respectively. This allows to identify and fix different failures at such facilities.


Actions are taken to reduce the consumption of natural gas, in addition to reducing the risk when turning on the equipment that uses this type of fuel, through the verification of the boiler and furnace carburetion, the installed regulators in the intakes of natural gas, as well as the installation of meters with electro-correctors, which allows the measurement to take into account the flow and pressure of supply, which has allowed to generate important annual savings in University City and the Science Campus of the Health.

See graphs of gas consumption per campus in the last three years.


Graphs of gas consumption