The Vice Presidency of Sustainability through the Department of Infrastructure for Sustainability (DINSU, for its acronym in Spanish) created the ‘Working Side by Side’ UANL program, which aims to reduce CO2 emissions from UANL. It also raises awareness of the responsible use of energy within the university community by answering an online survey about consumption habits to calculate your day-to-day CO2 emissions. It gives the users some recommendations to reduce polluting emissions.

This program will be available next year on the Sustainability website; it will be also promoted by DINSU staff through technical visits to UANL schools and offices where its functions and benefits will be demonstrated before the academic and administrative authorities.

Each principal and dean will be asked to appoint a person who will follow up the program by determining the school’s carbon footprint based on its water and energy use. Students will be also required to track their carbon footprint. Likewise, the Department of Infrastructure for Sustainability will help our entities and students achieve a short-term reduction of their carbon footprint, resulting in significant economic and energy savings, as well as positive effects on climate change.