seminario emergencias quimicas - copia

Within the framework of the celebration of the National Day of Preparedness and Response to Chemical Emergencies, the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon, through the Office of the Vice President for Sustainable Development in cooperation with the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA, by its Spanish name) carried out a Seminar that had as a main objective to make members of the university community and civil society in general aware of the importance of having an effective culture of preparedness and response to chemical emergencies.

The event was held on July 11, 2014, at the Convention Center of the Graduate Studies Division of the School of Chemistry of UANL. During the opening ceremony, the Vice President for Sustainable Development of UANL, Sergio Fernandez Delgadillo, stressed the importance of having a culture of prevention in matters of chemical emergencies, in order to safeguard human life and environmental care. The seminar was attended by renowned experts in the field of management of risks derived from chemical emergencies like Rogelio Loera Gallardo, deputy of environmental audit of the Federal Delegation of PROFEPA in Nuevo Leon, Reynaldo Reyes Rojo, Enrique Pech Hernandez who is academic at the School of Chemistry, Jorge Camacho who is the director of civil protection of the State, and Mariano F. Candelario Torres. They addressed several topics like prevention and risk management in chemical emergencies, standards for handling chemical substances used in laboratories, and the elaboration and application of contingency plans.

The seminar had the participation of 120 professors and staff of several Schools of UANL, as well as representatives from public and private sectors.

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