The Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (UANL) has a university community consisting of 204,684 students, 6,928 scholars and 6,548 administrative employees, which is why it is considered one of the largest Public Institutions of Higher Education in the country and in the world.

Currently, the UANL is one of the best universities in Mexico and in the world due to its educational quality, inclusion, equity, generation and innovative application of knowledge with a broad sense of social responsibility that contributes and transcends in the transformation and well-being of society. Besides, it has a wide educational offer and a large technological production which favors the formation of high school graduates, technicians, professionals, university professors and researchers capable of performing efficiently in the knowledge society, which follow the university principles and values and are committed to the sustainable development.

Conferencia Dr. Sarukhan

The actions undertaken by the UANL have led to important favorable changes in the behavior of the university community members and the social environment that surrounds them, such as establishing links within the academic community that carry out research, teaching and dissemination activities in the field of sustainability to facilitate communication, encourage research, the exchange of knowledge and innovation through the University Academy for Sustainable Development (AUDS); encourage social participation in the construction of environmental culture expressions that are socially responsible and democratic; train highly qualified human resources and promote research on sustainability issues; establish strategic alliances with local, national and international social agents, to promote the generation and innovative application of knowledge and sustainable technology; promote the design and operation of environmental infrastructure policies, programs and projects; carry out an institutional program oriented to promote the integral management of the different types of waste and reduce their generation in all campuses, eliminating and / or minimizing the negative impacts to the environment; as well as designing and carrying out multiple actions that have allowed the reduction of greenhouse gases emissions (GHG) produced in the daily activities carried out in the UANL to meet its academic and social responsibility objectives.


The main goal of all these actions is to promote among the university community members and those responsible for the creation of public policies, the establishment of a strategic alliance to promote the generation and innovative application of knowledge and technology, which allows confronting an inescapable commitment that marks the complex contemporary problem: dealing with the deterioration of our planet and rebuilding the foundations of social cohesion.