Educational Television aims to influence the knowledge, attitudes and values of the beholder, so it is considered as a resource for social transformation and service to the community, its contents are of public interest, educational, scientific, social and cultural.

The Department of Research Innovation and Sustainability created the educational television program Mundo Sustentable, in order to promote sustainable development of   the university and society, encouraging viewers to adopt a pro-sustainable attitude.

The fifth season (April-July 2018) is made up of 17 programs and in the August-September period a selection of the best 8 Sustainable World programs was made.

In October 2018 the transmission of the 6th Sustainable World Season began.

In the recording of the Sustainable World programs, students, academics and administrative staff of the UANL participated, as well as external guests who are part of civil society organizations, public and private institutions, both national and international, related to the promotion of the sustainable development.

The topics that have been addressed in the program include human health, environmental education, green economy, environmental conservation and use of adequate natural resources, animal welfare, sustainable food production, sustainable infrastructure, problems of generation and consequences of pollution, management environmental and operational security, climate change, sustainable construction alternatives, sustainable communication, research for sustainability, cultural diversity and sustainability, innovation and sustainability, research and sustainability, sustainable consumption, bioenergy, recovery of natural environments, risks in the use of plastics, civil organizations and sustainability, in addition to the realization of a special program on the Conservation and sustainable management of the Lacandona Forest, among others.


  1. Sustainability in the university field
  2. Faculty of Chemical Sciences – UANL green platform
  3. Sustainability in scientific research
  4. Participation of university students in sustainability
  5. The path of sustainability UANL
  6. One health
  7. Protocol for the proper management of the presence of bears in the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey
  8. Hospital pharmacy
  9. Environmental audits in the PYMES
  10. Community Pharmacy, serving society
  11. Efficient use of energy
  12. Importance of green areas in Monterrey
  13. Sustainability in the home
  14. Environmental sustainability of development
  15. Sustainability in the university curriculum
  16. Sustainable agricultural production and research
  17. Sustainable use of water in Monterrey and its metropolitan area
  18. Community health center
  19. Sustainability in the office


  1. Sustainability at the upper middle level
  2. Certified quality at the upper secondary level
  3. Sustainable use of energy
  4. Social networks
  5. Sustainable urban development
  6. Sustainable food production
  7. Air pollution in the city
  8. ¿How to reduce the effects of climate change?
  9. Dialogues on sustainability with university students
  10. Green economy
  11. Dialogues on sustainability with university students 2
  12. Environmental management and operational safety
  13. ¿Domestic animals Risks to human health?
  14. Art, water and sustainability
  15. Earth day
  16. Eco Day
  17. Sustainable Livestock
  18. Sustainable art
  19. Animal welfare
  20. Animal welfare second part
  21. Waste management in the metropolitan area
  22. Communication and sustainability
  23. Sustainable management of wildlife in Nuevo León
  24. Permaculture and bioconstruction
  25. Sustainable construction materials


  1. Innovation and Sustainability
  2. Scientific Research and Sustainability
  3. Animal Care
  4. The route towards a Sustainable Consumption
  5. Bioenergy
  6. Recovery of Natural Environments
  7. Plastics ¿dangerous containers?
  8. Civil Organizations and Solidarity
  9. High School Sustainability Program No. 7 second part
  10. Integrated waste management
  11. Sustainability Program for High School No 7
  12. Integrated Waste Management
  13. Lacandon jungle
  14. Water treatment
  15. Actions of PROFEPA
  16. Lacandon Jungle part 2
  17. Lacandon Jungle part 3
  18. Water Treatment part 2


  1. Sustainable mobility
  2. Civil protection in university environments
  3. Student participation and sustainability
  4. Social sustainability
  5. Day of ecological recovery in the river La Silla
  6. .
  7. University student organizations and sustainability
  8. Comprehensive student training and sustainability
  9. Recovery of urban areas lake Topo Chico
  10. Citizen actions in favor of sustainability
  11. Social service and professional practices linked to sustainability
  12. Still life that transforms into living art
  13. 100% smoke-free spaces
  14. Effect of pollution on human health
  15. Sustainability at the UANL
  16. Álvaro Obregón Technical School and Technical High School
  17. Toxicity of cosmetics and chemicals commonly used in the home Part 1
  18. Individual hygiene, social development environment Part 1
  19. Toxicity of cosmetics and chemicals commonly used in the home Part 2
  20. Individual hygiene, from the social development environment Part 2
  21. Development of Sustainable Aquaculture in Nuevo León
  22. The same opportunity for all a commitment to sustainability
  23. Project CONNECTS UANL
  24. Art and Sustainability
  25. Creativity, Art and Inclusion
  26. Sustainability in the university curriculum
  27. Risks caused by invasive species in natural areas
  28. Gender and Sustainable Development
  29. The third age seen from sustainability
  30. FIME Part 1
  31. FIME Part 2


  1. The generation of sociocultural change
  2. The Climate Reality Project
  3. Urban development and its economic impacts

  4. Sport in a sustainable society
  5. The UNIVERDE student federation
  6. Ecology Program “Alfonso Montemayor Lozano Elementary School”
  7. Pollinators, life propagating agents
  8. Harassment School? or in University Environments?
  9. .
  10. Importance of Natural Protected Areas in the state of Nuevo León
  11. Invasive Species
  12. The Participation of Young People in the Construction of Modern Societies
  13. The effects of multiculturalism
  14. Culture and road safety
  15. Environmental Economics Part 1
  16. Environmental Economics Part 2
  17. Culture of Peace