According to the 2017 GreenMetric World University Ranking published on December 11th, 2017, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon currently holds the 89th position out of 619 universities from seventy-five countries, becoming the most sustainable university in Mexico and the only Mexican institution among the 100 most sustainable universities in the world. UANL shares the list with highly prestigious universities such as Wageningen, Oxford, Nottingham, Groningen, UC Davis, Georgia Tech, Bradford, Kent, UC Berkeley, and Sherbrooke.

The GreenMetric Ranking evaluates how universities from all over the globe make institutional efforts to promote sustainability within their campuses, implementing actions in different areas like green infrastructure, energy, climate change, waste management, water use, sustainable mobility, and education.

Over the last few years, UANL has adopted an institutional policy to reduce its greenhouse gas and component emissions through the promotion, preservation, and sustainable use of its natural capital under its care, promoting efficient and effective use of clean energies and sustainable territorial development always with its usual commitment of contributing to society. UANL has established the Vice Presidency of Sustainability becoming the only university in Mexico with a special department entirely dedicated to promote clear policies and strategies, aimed at raising awareness in our community, in order to achieve the transition towards sustainable future.

The world university ranking Green Metric 2017 reports the progress and advances the UANL has made towards sustainability such as incorporating new practices, competences, and educational approaches from a sustainable point of view. In this way, UANL is the Maximum Academic Institution that contributes the most to sustainable development in Mexico.