One of the biggest challenges that humanity faces in the present century is not the lack of water, is to count with enough clean water. Water is becoming a limiting factor for human health, development and even the maintenance of natural ecosystems and their biodiversity.  The water crisis is presented as a major obstacle in the process of transition towards sustainable development, remedying it requires much more than technological development or large investments. It requires the introduction of a progressive culture of sustainable water use in the population, to change the currents habits of waste and not valuation.

On this context, during the last month of March, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, through the Investigation, Innovation and Sustainability Department, promoted Water Workshops 2016, a communication strategy designed to promote the sustainable water use inside and outside the university context.

During the thirty-one days of March was convened to the entire university community and its social environment to promote the sustainable use of water through documents and motivational posters that were distributed through electronic means. The results obtained in the implementation of Water Workshops 2016, showed the great interest and support that the university community and its social environment has with the subject of care and sustainable use of water, expressed in the more than 70,000 visits recorded on UANL-Sustentable Facebook wall and approximately 25,000 on UANL Sustentabilidad website.

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This year, the focal event of the Water Workshops 2016 was the Conference “Water and Man” dictated by the PhD. Benjamín Limón Rodríguez, titular professor in the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Professor Emeritus and member of the Honorable Government Board of UANL, that took place on Tuesday, March 15 of the present year, in Civil Engineering’s auditorium, with participation of the PhD. Sergio S. Fernández Delgadillo, Investigation, Innovation and Sustainability Department Secretary, Victor Jaime Cabrera Medrano, Procuraduría Federal de Protección al Ambiente (PROFEPA) Delegate in the state of Nuevo León, PhD. Ricardo González, Faculty of Civil Engineering Subprincipal, Principal PhD. Pedro Leobardo Valdez Tamez, M.S. José Magdiel Martínez member of the Honorable Government Board and M.S. Homero Tamez Garza, member of the Honorable Finance Committee (H. Comisión de Hacienda) of UANL, PhD. Juan José Zarate Ramos, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Principal, central areas principals and more than two-hundred members of the university community.

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Thank you everyone for your assistance!

Let´s keep working together for a Sustainable Water Culture

Conference “Water and man”