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The most important communication strategy of the AUDS is its digital headquarters, which was established with the objective of promoting greater and more effective communication between its members, managing to overcome the barriers of distance and maximizing communication resources.

The virtual platform through which the AUDS operates is the Share Point, a digital tool that operates under an intranet scheme, configured by the Information Technology Directorate (DTI), in which its members enter through their account Institutional email and password, which gives them access to all published tools and content. This platform offers the following benefits to its users:

  • Offer an environment of collaboration and distance communication, which allows the incorporation of academics regardless of their location.

  • Know and disseminate academic actions and efforts, aimed at the incorporation of sustainable development in research and teaching.

  • Store and share documents, audiovisual content and databases that support the conduct of research, teaching and dissemination in the field of sustainable development.

  • Establish real-time discussion forums among its members.

  • Provide a directory of members of the AUDS and report on their activities, projects and research products, allowing other members to know their work, facilitating collaboration between them.

  • Offer its members a calendar of activities and events related to sustainability issues.

  • Issue a newsletter through the institutional email, informing in a timely and effective way of new content and information on the platform.

  • Establish procedures for monitoring activities among its members such as filling out semiannual surveys, in order to know the progress of teachers with their students and their experiences incorporating the vision of sustainable development in their classes, serving as a guide for action proposals to future.

The academic staff that is integrated to the AUDS does not require additional dedication, since it functions as a multidisciplinary, collegiate, flexible and collaborative network that will promote the exchange of experiences, participation in updating events, as well as the publication and dissemination of results of the activities of its members, taking advantage of information technology and communications.

Incorporation Requirements


  • Be a professor assigned to a faculty of the UANL.

  • Fill out the incorporation form.

  • Members must periodically access the virtual site, with the aim of being aware of the activities and new content spilled in the community.

  • Provide documents, resources, events, calls and discussion topics to the Network.

  • Answer the semi-annual activity monitoring survey.


Technological requirements



  • Have a valid institutional email account (

  • The platform is managed by the Project Development Directorate with the support of the Information Technology Directorate and the administrator must be requested by mail to the administrator Ing. Gloria Nelly Salas Celestino, ext. 1467.

  • Access is enabled only to members of the AUDS and is personal and non-transferable.

  • Have internet access through a PC or mobile device.

  • Browsers used for the Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer11 platform updated.



More information:

Telephone 83 29 40 00, ext 1453 y 1467