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For the third consecutive year, the Autonomous University of Nuevo León (UANL) is recognized as the most sustainable, public or private Higher Education Institution in Mexico, according to the World Ranking of GreenMetric Universities.

On Tuesday, December 3, 2019, GreenMetric published the results of its 2019 call, where UANL occupies the 52nd place of a total of 780 universities that applied to said Ranking, which places it within the group of the 55 most sustainable universities of the world, where there are institutions of high world prestige such as the universities of Wageningen and Groningen in the Netherlands, the universities of Oxford and Nottingham in the United Kingdom and the universities of California and Connecticut in the United States of America, among many others.

As a result of the effort made daily by members of the university community in favor of sustainability.

In addition to this recognition, in 2019 the UANL was awarded the 2019 Ecological Merit Medal by the Municipality of Monterrey, for its work for sustainability through the University Academy for Sustainable Development (AUDS).

Likewise, these recognitions also serve to recognize the efforts undertaken by the university authorities headed by the rector, Mtro. Rogelio G. Garza Rivera, to promote an institutional policy aimed at promoting the cross-sectional incorporation of the environmental dimension in its plans and curricula with a holistic vision, promoting the management of a sustainable campus and the application of policies to reduce gas effect greenhouse, sustainable mobility in university spaces, systematic incorporation of good sustainability practices in administrative and operational areas that are reflected as a quality attribute in all activities carried out, among many other actions; also understanding that the challenge is not only the realization of actions aimed at supporting the UANL transition process towards sustainability, but primarily the formation of a first level human capital, endowed with extensive border knowledge, capable of compromising its reality and improve it under the approach of sustainability.

The acknowledgments obtained by the UANL in the field of sustainability indicate that the path followed is correct and that the efforts made are paying off, which encourages us to redouble our efforts to continue moving towards a more sustainable future for the Highest House of Studies from the state of Nuevo León, Nuevo León and Mexico.


Thank you all for being part of this change!