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Digital Access is the most important strategy of communication for the University Academy for Sustainable Development (AUDS). Its mission is to foster clear and effective communication among its members, overcoming barriers of distance and maximizing communication resources.

Share Point is the virtual platform of the AUDS. This technological tool works through intranet, which was previously programmed by the Department of Information Technology. Share Point users log in with their institutional email and password; once online, users will have access to all available tools and materials published. Some of the features this platform offers are listed below:

  • A collaborative environment that helps academics communicate with others regardless of their location.
  • Dissemination and release of academic contents and activities aimed at introducing sustainable development in research and teaching.
  • Storage and sharing of academic documents, audiovisual content, and databases that facilitates research, teaching, and dissemination in sustainable development.
  • Discussion forums in real time.
  • A directory of academy members and information about their recent projects and research works. This enables collaboration among members.
  • A calendar of activities and events related to sustainability.
  • An institutional newsletter to receive notifications of the latest contents on the platform.
  • Follow-up procedures, such as end-of-semester surveys, so that members can share their experiences in introducing the approach of sustainability into their classes and new proposals for the future.

The academic staff of the AUDS is a multidisciplinary and flexible collaboration network where members can use information and communication technologies to exchange experiences, participate in scientific events, and disseminate their results.

Membership Criteria


  • Be a professor at any UANL school.
  • Complete the registration form.
  • Members must access the platform periodically to find out new contents and activities from the community.
  • Contribute to the platform with documents, resources, events, invitations, and discussion topics.
  • Complete the end-of-semester follow-up survey.


Technology requirements



  • Have a valid username and password provided by the Department of Information Technology.
  • Have a valid institutional email account.
  • Access will be granted only to AUDS members and it is personal and non-transferable
  • Request access to the platform by contacting Gloria Nelly Salas Celestino at
  • Have Internet access from a PC or mobile device.
  • Use an updated version of one of the following web browsers: Safari, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer 11.



More information:

Telephone 83 29 40 00, ext 1453 y 1467