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Since 2014, the Vicepresidency of Sustainability has been conducting technical inspections to UANL schools and offices. These inspections are of great importance and help to identify dangers that could be present in these work areas and thus avoid damage to the university community.

From 2019, after each technical inspection, a checklist is given where the areas for improvement are specified. The evaluation items are as follows: Health and safety, hazardous waste, solid urban waste, solid urban waste, special handling waste, and water. This list will support the evidence in reporting to the school or office.

Some of the recommendations described in these reports are: contingency plan, drills, storage, proper handling of chemicals, waste management program, safety signs, among others.

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, it was necessary to suspend 31 technical inspections that were scheduled for April through June 2020. However, UANL entities will be asked to provide a progress report on the actions they have taken since the previous technical inspection.