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UANL is acknowledged as the most sustainable higher education institution in Mexico for the fifth consecutive year, according to the GreenMetric World University Ranking.

On December 7, 2021, GreenMetric published the results of its 2021 invitation, where UANL ranked 18th out of 956 universities that applied to the ranking. With this, UANL is part of the 20 most sustainable universities in the world, which includes globally prestigious institutions such as the universities of Wageningen and Groningen in the Netherlands, the universities of Oxford and Nottingham in the United Kingdom, and the universities of California and Connecticut in the United States of America, among many others.

Thanks to the sustainable practices of our community, the Monterrey City Council awarded the 2019 Environmental Merit Award to UANL for the work of its University Academy for Sustainable Development.

These achievements are also a recognition of the actions taken by the UANL entities and President Rogelio Garza to encourage institutional policies that promote the incorporation of an environmental and holistic approach in its curricula, the management of a sustainable campus, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable mobility in university spaces, and the systemic incorporation of sustainable practices in administrative and operational areas to improve the quality of its activities. Not only is the challenge about supporting the transition toward sustainability, but also educating human resources with advanced knowledge and skills to transform the world into a more sustainable place.

Furthermore, these accomplishments in the field of sustainability indicate that UANL is on the right track and that its efforts are coming to fruition. Greater efforts must be made to continue moving toward a more sustainable future for our institution, the state of Nuevo Leon, and Mexico.


¡Thank you for being part of this change!