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With internationally prestigious programs, Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon is the most important higher education institution in Northern Mexico and the third largest university in the country.

UANL is considered a large university because of its enrollment, which currently consists of 214,342 students and increases each year.

In order to cover most of Nuevo Leon and follow its decentralization policy, UANL comprises 26 undergraduate schools (79 school buildings) located within 6 campuses: Main, Agricultural Sciences, Health Sciences, Linares, Mederos, and Sabinas Hidalgo, providing education to 34 municipalities of the state.

UANL campuses are located in semi-arid areas:

  • The surface area of the six campuses is 37,449,120 square meters.
  • Water retention areas represent 95 percent or 35,570,294 square meters.
  • Facilities make up 2.88 percent or 1,079,294 square meters.
  • Planted vegetation totals 2 percent or 760,294 square meters.
  • Forest vegetation totals 93 percent or 35,852,846 square meters.
  • The surface area of all first floors is 534,565 square meters.
  • Open spaces are equal to 36,914,555 square meters.
  • Per capita open space represents 165 square meters.

Main Campus

The Main Campus is located in the municipality of San Nicolas de los Garza and is home to the Central Administration Tower and the Schools of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Law and Criminology, Accounting and Business Management, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Biology, Physics and Mathematics, Physical Education, Chemistry, Philosophy and Literature, and Social Work. Its surface area covers 95 hectares.

Health Sciences Campus

Located in the municipality of Monterrey, the Health Sciences Campus houses the Schools of Medicine, Psychology, Dentistry, Nursing, and Public Health and Nutrition, along with the University Hospital, an institution that provides services not only to the local community but also the northeastern states of Mexico. The campus surface area covers 29 hectares.

Mederos Campus

The Mederos Campus is the seat of the Schools of Politics and International Relations, Economics, Communication, Visual Arts, Music, and Performing Arts, as well as the Social Research Institute, the Center for Studies and Certification of Foreign Languages, the Center for Research, Innovation, and Development of Arts, the University Theater, and the Department of University Radio and Television. The campus is located in southern Monterrey and its surface area covers 194 hectares of natural vegetation.

Agricultural Sciences Campus

The Agricultural Sciences Campus is located in the municipality of General Escobedo and holds the School of Veterinary Medicine and the School of Agronomy, both with annexes for agricultural practices and research in the municipalities of General Bravo and Marin, respectively. Its surface area covers 25 hectares. The annex for agricultural research in General Bravo amounts to 620 hectares, of which 20 have been transformed and 600 represent forest vegetation. In the case of the Marin annex, its 772 hectares consist of 0.4 percent buildings, 99.6 percent water retention areas, 1.4 percent planted vegetation, 22.7 percent crops, 67 percent forest vegetation, and 6.6 percent water bodies.


Linares Campus

Located in the municipality of Linares, the Linares Campus includes the School of Forestry, the School of Earth Sciences, and the Center for Research in Agricultural Production. It also has extensions of the Schools of Public Accounting and Business Management, Law and Criminology, Philosophy and Literature, Physical Education, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, and Nursing. The campus has a surface area of 989 hectares, with an additional forest reserve of 1,053 hectares in the municipality of Iturbide that functions as an experimental section for academic practices and research in sustainable forestry.

Sabinas Hidalgo Campus

The Sabinas Hidalgo Campus offers the extensions of the Schools of Accounting and Business Management, Law and Criminology, Nursing, and Psychology. The campus is located in the municipality of Sabinas Hidalgo and has a surface area of 7 hectares.

Cadereyta Campus (Under Construction)

Located in the municipality of Cadereyta de Jiménez, NL, the first stage of the project has a territorial extension of 15 hectares, where five theoretical classrooms, an administrative area, a central library, a multipurpose room, a computer room, cubicles for researchers and sports fields.